VITAK LLC, a Delaware Company, offers a comprehensive solution to mitigate the adverse impacts and workplace or classroom risks of the Coronavirus. As businesses slowly emerge from various stages of lockdown into increased activity and employees return to work, incidents of the virus must be monitored and reacted to immediately to protect employee’s health and prevent significant business disruption. The solution is our VITAK Test-Track-Protect Program (VTTP Program), which includes:

  • Rapid 2-minute COVID virus & antibody self-test kit combined with regular re-testing protocols every two weeks.
  • Contact tracking of all positive IgM antibody persons to further protect the workforce, their families and communities.
  • Washable face masks
  • Bacteria-based, non-alcohol sanitizer that defends against COVID-19 virus.

VITAK offers this Test-Track-Protect Program for enterprises of all sizes and organizations including government offices, universities, the Department of Defense and other institutions at a price-point that recognizes the economic impact organizations are experiencing and with a supply timeframe meeting each customer’s unique needs.

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