About Vitak

  • Summary

    VITAK LLC, a Delaware Company, offers a comprehensive solution to mitigate the adverse impacts and workplace or classroom risks of the Coronavirus. As businesses slowly emerge from various stages of lockdown into increased activity and employees return to work, incidents of the virus must be monitored and reacted to immediately to protect employee’s health and prevent significant business disrupti

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  • Solution

    The company’s products are designed to enhance the health and well-being of people, while reducing total healthcare costs. The VITAK-19, a rapid-result COVID-19 test kit, simply requires 20ul of blood from the fingertip and results are generated in approximately 3 minutes. To ensure greater accessibility to all, this test can be self- administered just like a diabetic home-testing kit. VITAK now h

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  • Problem

    The global spread of the COVID-19 virus and the devastating impact it has had on people’s lives. Existing PCR tests generally indicate a positive test result when a person is infected, and the virus is present. Furthermore, PCR tests require patient samples to be sent to a lab, thus increasing the cost of the test, and reducing the speed of obtaining the test result. 

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  • Our Mission

    To provide valued clients a robust and scalable solution for detecting and managing the impact of harmful organisms, including the COVID-19 virus. In doing so protecting our clients’ employees and family and preventing costly disruptions to their businesses.

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  • Vision

    To provide a global solution to detect and defeat life- threatening organisms, including the COVID-19 virus.

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